Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

As I have proclaimed before, I am not an Astrologer so I do not give specifics on this type of stuff. All I know is what I know-and this is going to be a huge happening on August 7th! In fact all of August is a powerful energetic time. More on that with another posting......As far as this Full Moon goes, it is also a Lunar Eclipse, which may not be seen by everyone, but it will be felt by everyone. 

Full Moon Energy is all about releasing-we can set intentions, or allow release to flow. The Beauty of adding Lunar Eclipse energy to that is both energies will be swirling a couple of days before and after the 7th. Many of you are already feeling all of this, and it has been difficult to walk through at best! The key is to realize that the releasing is much more powerful at this time, since Lunar Eclipse energy is all about brining light into the darkness (Ego/Lower Self/Shadow Self), and darkness into light, causing upheaval and stirring things up in a huge manner. It is all going to be alright. Focus on remaining Heart Centered and grounded, don't judge your thoughts and reactions-focus on the changes you are feeling even if they are uncomfortable. This energy encompasses all areas of your life, and once this period is over there will be Meteor Showers (more sparkling, quick light), and a huge Eclipse on August 21st. Not to mention Lion's Gate on the 8th!

Brace yourselves with excitement and love-this is a beautiful and momentous moment in time for change. Remember that you are on a Spiritual Path-growth always happens, you can either 'allow' it or 'resist' it. Some Crystals for allowing and receiving these powerful energies are Rose Quartz for Heart Center and grounding, Blue Lace Agate for soothing overworked nerves and body issues, Tiger's Eye for a gentle grounding, Rainbow Fluorite for overall clarity and Smoky Quartz for grounding. 

Enjoy this time, it is not necessary to pick and choose what to release-your Soul and Ego will work together to release. Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stay away from heavy doses of sugar. 

Let's do this!



Certified Crystal Energy Healer Course (all classes are open to the Public for a $50 each fee)

Certified Crystal Energy Healer Course!!!


Classes will include:

Intro. To Crystals 6/24

Pendulums and Dowsing 7/1

Chakra Healing with Crystals 7/8

Aura Healing with Crystals 7/22

Grounding 7/29

Emotional Health 8/12

Meridian Health 8/19

Crystal Grids & Layouts 9/2

Ethics 9/9



This will be an in-person, 3 month Certification Course

beginning June 24th, 2017


Jessica Garcia, ACM (Advanced Crystal Master)

410 W. Fallbrook Ave., #114

Fresno, 93711



Reiki Master Retreat

Reiki Master Retreat

Join me in Mount Shasta, CA., for a weekend of Reiki Attunements and Teachings!

September 21st-24th, 2017



This Retreat is open to anyone Reiki Level 2 or higher.

You will receive Attunements to Reiki Level 3 and Reiki Master Teacher.

You will also learn how to assemble and use a Reiki Grid, perform Reiki Energetic Surgery, how to use Reiki Healing Attunement during a Session, and of course I have to add Crystals in there somewhere!

Lodging is included, along with daily Yoga, and food prepared Vegetarian and Paleo styles.


Arrival time is Thursday, September 21st between 5:00pm & 8:30pm OR

Friday, September 22nd between 9:00am & 3:00pm

Teaching will begin at 4:00pm on Friday.

Checkout is Sunday, September 24th before 10:00

$200.00 non-refundable deposit is due April 1st, 2017, the remaining $265.00 is due July 31st, 2017.

Jessica Garcia, RMT