Divine Intentional Healing Retreat

Divine Intentional Healing Retreat

April 5-7, 2019

Shaver Lake, CA


Join me in learning the new Healing Modality DIH and be aligned with the ArchAngel Realm in order to channel self healing, as well as messages and healing for others!

You will be aligned to AA Metatron, AA Gabriel, AA Rafael, AA Jophiel and AA Michael for healing purposes.

Food and lodging is included in price.



$150.00 Deposit due by January 11, 2019.

$294.00 due by March 15, 2019. (all monies are non-refundable)

Spaces fill fast!


Jessica Garcia





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It's Hard to be the Queen Sometimes

It’s hard to be the Queen sometimes…..


Funny thing happened at my last DIH Retreat….I had been directed by the Angels to host a DIH Retreat in La Grange, CA, which is at Don Pedro Lake and Reservoir-out in the middle of nowhere! I found a seemingly lovely multi-level house with a short hike to the Lake, and plenty of room for all of us. There were a few things that I did not know until I got there.

My Chef, Yogini and I arrived a day early to get settled in and have some time to just “be” before everyone arrived. As we walked around the house excitedly, looking at the kitchen and all the rooms (including the Harry Potter room in the attic), we were pleased with what we saw. I chose my Master Room downstairs, and Steffani got the Master upstairs, and Chef Lisa began to unpack the food to prepare for our grilled Prawn dinner.

The house was hot, and it was smoky outside due to the fires that were closer to us than I realized…..we could not get the air conditioning to work properly, or what we thought was the AC controls-LOL! After a text to the Property Manager, we tried again, but to no avail. We found fans and blasted them on so we could try to cool down. That still didn’t help. A while later Steffani, found the actual AC controls at the foot of the stairs and turned it on-peace at last!

That peace did not last long, as Chef Lisa turned on the oven to cook the veggies for our little dinner. Ok, so, the oven stunk that overwhelming stink that you fear the oven will catch on fire because it is so filthy kind of stink. It was awful! The oven was so dirty that it looked like it had never been cleaned! Voices were raised a bit as we all looked at the oven, and all Spiritual Peace was lost as we checked out the toaster oven, microwave, outside grill and even the beds. Filthy, all filthy! Not to mention that the lower level common space was freezing due to improper duct work. It was a nitemare.

After many texts to the Property Manager, we decided to wash the bedsheets we would be using our first nite, and wait for the housekeeper to show up in the morning. (I have to share with you that I am giggling as I type this up-now it is funny!). We ate a late meal and tried to let go of the shock at the state of the house, and had a nice evening together, just the 3 of us.

The next morning rolled around, and the housekeeper was to be there around 11:00, so Steffani led Lisa and I in a relaxing Yoga session-thank goodness for Yoga mats, because the floor was filthy! (I am still giggling as I type) The Housekeeper arrived, and began to clean the oven with oven spray and a cloth, then went outside to the grill and tried to do the same thing there. And she thought she was done…..after questioning her as to if she was done, she responded that she was going home to get more supplies. We never saw her again. As the Facilitator of my Retreat, I was at wits end. I was staying detached from the outcome, and I was also mad that I didn’t get my chill time at all since I had arrived the day before. Many more texts to the PM, and some demands as well, and I knew that it was going nowhere. I was the solution, and I did not like that.

I texted my Astrologer to see if I had manifested this mess, and she shared with me the full outcome of this Retreat, and it was clear that “we” had to make our space sacred. Then, of course, I pulled a Tarot card-the Queen of Pentacles! I was not happy at all…..but I accepted the energy of the Queen and got into the solution immediately. The 3 of us were to clean the house from top to bottom, including all of the bedding-a daunting task, considering we only had 3 hours until the arrival of all the Students. We did it, we all did it-Chef Lisa cleaned the huge kitchen like it had never been cleaned before, Steffani and I split the levels of the house and we chanted our way to cleanliness. (that is when I discovered the Goddess Tara-from Steffani’s chant)  By the time the first Student arrived, we were sweaty, exhausted and stinky! She arrived and promptly got locked in the bathroom due to a broken door knob….LOL! It wasn’t going to stop all weekend.

Rewind with me a bit, as I am standing there staring at the Queen of Pentacles card at first angry, then laughing, I realized my role and my lesson immediately. It was up to me to engage and direct others with respect and love in order to get results. The truth of the matter is that I was disappointed because I wanted to be carefree and chill out before everyone got there! I was reminded of my role and responsibility to ensure comfort, peace, joy and learning for everyone over the weekend-and be a Leader and Teacher, as I taught them Divine Intentional Healing. I was in charge of 12 people and their weekend schedule, and I had to be in that mindset from the moment I stepped into that house until the moment my last Student left.  If I wanted to kick back and do nothing, I could have taken a weekend trip alone somewhere!

Yes, the lesson was learned in a big way-arriving at my Retreat before any Students is my time to create a Sacred Space for everyone before they get there. There were plenty of other examples that weekend of when I had to step into the Queen of Pentacles energy, but I also laughed, cried and hiked down to the Reservoir, did Yoga, chanted, saw many animals (Quails are so funny!!!!), and experienced profound healing of myself and everyone else.

Experiences are lessons, whether fun or frustrating-it is how you respond in order to get the answer that makes a difference for yourself and others.

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