Oncology Reiki Therapy Class

Oncology Reiki Therapy is for use with Cancer Clients and other Chronic Illnesses.

This class will include an Attunement, techniques consisting of Colon Clearing, Aura and Chakra Clearing, Crystals for Cancer and its side effects, Pain Relief, Energetic Surgery, Cutting of Cords, Cleansing of the Physical Body, Meditation with St. Peregrine and more!!!!!

The only Prerequisite is that you have to be at least Level 1 Reiki Attuned. 

Saturday, July 7th, 2018

410 W. Fallbrook Ave., #114, Fresno CA


Interesting question

Someone asked me an interesting question today-do I ever have days where it's hard......

It made me think about how I live my life, how I portray myself to others. Many of my Clients, Friends, and those close to me know my life's ups and downs (I use myself as an example alot!!!), but my peace of mind sticks out stronger than my strife with life. Do I wear my heart on my sleeve? Nope! Although everyone who knows me would probably say that is not true.....I do have tough days, especially currently while I am supporting my Sis through a terminal illness-but those tough days and moments do not last long as I have tools to feel and release any thoughts or emotions that interfere with my daily peace of mind. At times, my struggle lasts days, sometimes weeks-Dark Night of the Soul, anyone??

I am a Healer, but I am also a Human with deep overwhelming emotions at time. Looking at the question that I was asked earlier, I step into Gratitude for the validation that I do walk my walk and talk my talk. And-I do break down, and when that happens it is not an "ugly cry" as so many refer to it, but it is an acknowledgement and release of something that is bigger than me and I can't handle on my own. I use the tools that I have gathered over the past 28 years, I use what I have been taught and what I teach.  I call in ArchAngel Michael immediately to help me, just help me-he knows what I need, I don't! And yes, at times I definitely do not listen. He nicknamed me 'Spitfire' because of that....So, you see, my life is not filled with Meditation music, Patchouli, and bliss all the time. I cuss like crazy some days, LOVE Metallica, and Led Zepplin, and Pearl Jam, and many more, I am not Vegan, I do get angry at times, all of my food is not Organic. Sounds like I am being sarcastic, right? I am not. As one of my Teachers taught me, "Healers are held to a higher standard, bathed in a different light"-I am a person just like anyone else, and I have learned over the years that being engaging and authentic is not a bad thing to do with Clients and Students. That is who I am, I can't be anyone else because I am a horrible liar and actress! 

I love my Tribe, and when a Friend asks me a question because she needs support, I am grateful that I can be that support and also remind myself of the support I have as well. It takes courage to feel the emotions that can knock us on our butt! So often we are told not to cry or don't be so emotional-little ones cry and have tantrums because they cannot handle what is going on, why can't we? Once we learn the coping skill or tool, we use that, but until then I say let's feel the deep stuff and ask for support. 


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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

As I have proclaimed before, I am not an Astrologer so I do not give specifics on this type of stuff. All I know is what I know-and this is going to be a huge happening on August 7th! In fact all of August is a powerful energetic time. More on that with another posting......As far as this Full Moon goes, it is also a Lunar Eclipse, which may not be seen by everyone, but it will be felt by everyone. 

Full Moon Energy is all about releasing-we can set intentions, or allow release to flow. The Beauty of adding Lunar Eclipse energy to that is both energies will be swirling a couple of days before and after the 7th. Many of you are already feeling all of this, and it has been difficult to walk through at best! The key is to realize that the releasing is much more powerful at this time, since Lunar Eclipse energy is all about brining light into the darkness (Ego/Lower Self/Shadow Self), and darkness into light, causing upheaval and stirring things up in a huge manner. It is all going to be alright. Focus on remaining Heart Centered and grounded, don't judge your thoughts and reactions-focus on the changes you are feeling even if they are uncomfortable. This energy encompasses all areas of your life, and once this period is over there will be Meteor Showers (more sparkling, quick light), and a huge Eclipse on August 21st. Not to mention Lion's Gate on the 8th!

Brace yourselves with excitement and love-this is a beautiful and momentous moment in time for change. Remember that you are on a Spiritual Path-growth always happens, you can either 'allow' it or 'resist' it. Some Crystals for allowing and receiving these powerful energies are Rose Quartz for Heart Center and grounding, Blue Lace Agate for soothing overworked nerves and body issues, Tiger's Eye for a gentle grounding, Rainbow Fluorite for overall clarity and Smoky Quartz for grounding. 

Enjoy this time, it is not necessary to pick and choose what to release-your Soul and Ego will work together to release. Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stay away from heavy doses of sugar. 

Let's do this!